aaa – 2/9

after how much of a snoozer cmll was last week, i decided to watch aaa live. i know what i’m getting into. this is their last friday on twitch for a bit, so that was another reason encouraging me to do this. this venue is basically empty. i don’t know enough about aaa’s business to know if they paper or if this is a bad sign, but aguascalientes looked maybe 20% filled, if i’m being generous.

the opener was faby apache and ashley (whom i haven’t seen) vs lady shani and estrella divina (whom i also never seen before). i think faby tried to pull ashley under her wing, but she got really clocked by a kick by estrella. great ruda technique of faking out faby vs shani but faby pulling ashley in at the last moment. and shani absolutely decked her. aaa’s reina de reina’s division is apparently a shoot fight division and i guess we have sexy star to thank for this? this started to go kind of long and ashley is really green. she’s decent at her role, but she’s basically getting beat up by everyone and isn’t super smooth on her offense. estrella divina turned on lady shani, clocked both her and ashley with the chair as the finish. 1.5 this wasn’t really that good. it had it’s moments (mainly ashley taking a beating). faby turns on her and leaves her alone in the ring

crusierweight championship match next with hijo del vikingo challenging australian suicide. i’m extremely here for this. vikingo hit the craziest frickin’ tope con giro i’ve ever seen. holy crap ya’ll. suicide was on offense and vikingo sold like crazy and it ruled. vikingo is a fucking mad man and i love him and i don’t know how he’ll have a body in six years. huge near fall for vikingo on a smoooooth springboard 450. and then he dropped suicide on his head with a damn half nelson suplex. this match was fucking nuts in all the right way. i’ve given up on not cussing during this recap. vikingo missed an imploding star press and suicide won with his firemans carry spin out lungblower thingy. this match slapped ya’ll and you should go out of your way to watch it. 4.25

maximo and las mascara came out, cut a promo, a bunch of dudes i don’t know yet came and start beating them down. apparently this was an open challenge and it’s six on two. i’m being told these dudes are locals. i guess aaa is like a gang where you gotta get beat down to join. i dunno.  it ended up being pretty fun. mascara and maximo won and then mascara ripped off his pants. NR only because i have no dang clue what i watched.

joe lider and parka negra (in for mr aguila) faced cuervo and scoria for the tag belts. cuervo (i think, i’m not good at telling these guys apart yet, sorry!!!) got thrown into the ring post which was pretty cool. lider completely sucked on catching a tope, so this match is already out to an auspcious start. lider used his stable gun which is very mean and even more mean is that he staple gunned him in the dick. a whole buncha staple gun shots. the staple gun had no staples so no one is bleeding and i’m done with this. lider gets powerbombed through a bunch of chairs. scoria hit a huge top rope leg drop on parka negra for the win. this was something! chop up the cool spots and weapon stuffs and leave out the stalling and this would have been pretty good, but as is? 1.75

ogt and poder de norte were next continuing their feud from guerra de titanes. there aren’t any masks to rip, so hopefully we get a bunch of brawling. chessman did his really rad propped up dropkick and basically ogt decided to 3 on 1 every member on poder de notre and that rules. carta brava got slap jack brutally on the barricade. and we got a beer bucket! a beer bucket automatically ups your rating in my mind. lots of crowd brawling so this is straight up like dg to me as they went to the balcony but no one did the don fujii try to toss someone off the balcony spot which is a legit error. ogt is just destroying poder de notre. carta brava started the come back and super fly got absolutely destroyed so they moved on to averno, which made a child in the crowd cry. even more crowd brawling and this rules. someone tried to stop another beer bucket shot. this is so fucking extra and the referee is getting shit on for not counting a yoshi tonic as a three count. this crowd is not having any of this referee’s 2 counts. nearly everyone lost their shirts. there was a tower of doom powerbomb and splash for another nearfall for poder. ref bump and everyone’s getting hit in the ball. he wakes up and counts both a poder and an ogt fall at the same time so it’s a draw! a fucking draw! this was triple a at both its most triple a and also still staying super good. 3.75

oh fuck here comes vampiro. he does a bunch of nothing but announces a tlc match for rey de reyes, which it could really own, or be a clusterfuck and still own.

now the semifinal. i don’t know what is about aaa, but this show’s been going on for only like an hour and forty five minutes, but it feels like it’s been on forever. the real dave the clown was here. don’t be fooled by imitators. hijo de fantasma was mad hijo de tirantes was going referee and vampiro was here. i want to die. the match now is fantasma/angelikal vs dave/texano. hot out of the gate with angelikal flying around. the tecnicos went for a pin and tirantes was being a dick about it. fantasma gets his mask ripped. tirantes found handcuffs so this match is going to be making fantasma bleed for the rest of the time or just destroying angelikal. oh ok. it was time to run angelikal’s mask. angelikal was bleeding pretty bad. cool visual with his torn white mask though. dave the clown went somewhere during this. oh he found a wooden platform. that was nice of him. texano landed the piledriver and of course tirantes wasn’t going to do shit about it. the commission finally came in as angelikal started to convulse after that and they want to stretcher him out of there. a second piledriver. the crowd is starting to freak out. great rudo work, but fuuuck tirantes. angelikal finally got stretchered out and bengala ran in for the save and got the key for fantasma! texano sent him through the table just because and more tirantes bullshit! dave the clown ate an underhook piledriver and tirantes declared texano the winner because only he can piledrive people.  fantasma beat up tirantes some. because it was a real effective beat down even though tirantes ruins everything so i dock a lot for that and it was the most aaa shit ever.

commentary started talking about la park. i talk about la park all the time and wishes he was everywhere too.

the mystery main event was la parka vs wagner. wagner’s no longer a leather daddy like last week. he had a very tasteful white, black and silver ensemble and i care about these things. it was for the mega championship. lots of preening to start. la parka was sick of it, but the crowd loved wagner. he threw his hoody at someone but it got thrown back so he threw it again and the lady squealed in delight. this match will never start. wagner is just going to fuck around and walk out. finally it started and parka won the first exchange. absolutely nothing was happening and i’m about to call it a night because i don’t have patience for this. there was some attacks from wagner with a chair. i’m pretty checked out. la parka’s leg was destroyed and wagner was working really slow, probably because parka can’t go anymore. parka got the advantage and got in trouble over some closed fists. chairs cool, closed fists not: the aaa story. parka did a real painful looking tope. some crowd brawling and wagner did an impressive apron tope con giro and the camera cut to the crowd where a child was nearly falling asleep. i feel you. there was a la parka near fall that the crowd bought. la parka hit two quebradoras but blue demon jr came in with hernandez and hijo del dr wagner for the dq. this sucked. .5

i’m not bothering with the post match stuff. like most aaa, the undercard had some great or at least interesting stuff but the semifinal and the main event were terrible. it got some great twitch views. go out of your way for the cruiserweight title and trios match.