cmll 3/9

electrico & astral vs. raziel & cancerbero

this was the first match for electrico since he got hurt in february. i’m glad he’s back, i’ve really enjoyed that team. los cancerberos del inferno got the first fall with submissions. raziel had a super neat slam before kind of a slow moving submission. the rudos spent the first part of the segunda just continuing their beat down on the tecnicos and the female arena mexico fans hated itttt. the tecnicos got back into the match starting with electrico taking it to both rudos then becoming a dang vault for astral to do a sick tope headscissors on cancerbero. real awesome spot. astral really missed up an armdrag on cancerbero, whom was not pleased and stomped him several times for that insolence. if cancerbero is your base, you do your move or else. this third fall went a lot longer than i expected and it really started to drag. los cancerberos won with a double team submission. this was fun until it started falling apart, then it dragged a lot. probably one of the worst matches i’ve seen in cmll this year. i am no longer a big electrico/astral fan. 1.5

princesa sugehit, lady maravilla & sanely vs. tiffany, dalys & seductora

i believe this is the first time i’ve seen either sanely or seductora. la maravilla got the captains fall in the primera, it was pretty solid when it had maravilla, sugehit and dalys in it. didn’t notice too much of sanely and seductora. dalys was a real solid base for sanely who hit a great looking top rope dropkick. lady maravilla tried to do a matrix evade on tiffany who hit a real rough falling elbow thing? it was bad. tiffany tied it with the captains fall. rudas got the fall on maravilla and sanely to win it. this was overall okay, given who was involved (i don’t seductora is very good, i’m on record about tiffany, and sanely seemed good at offense, but wasn’t great other than that?). this show feels like it’s going pretty long at this point and isn’t doing its best to keep my interest. 2

guerrero maya, rey cometa & the panther vs johnny idol, kawato san, puma

i’ve really liked how they’ve been paring off kawato with rey cometa in recent weeks. rey gets a tremendous response from arena mexico and kawato’s grown in his first few months. and i said that right as panther did a tope where kawato basically caught him with his head. oh well. rey cometa got the captains fall on puma. this one is going real fast. kawato really was bumping around like crazy. a far cry from where he was at earlier. puma got the captains fall with la magistral after both kawato and idol did tope con giros to wipe out guerrero and panther. kawato’s not having the best night with his dives as it looked like he just clipped guerrero and went the floor hard. he had to be shook up because he barely caught guerrero on a back splash. panther and guerrero got the falls on idol and kawato. this got kind of rough but this was much better than anything else so far. 2.75

battle royal

i’m sick and tired of these tournaments and bad rumbles. triton was out first and he went down real hard and limped the back. nearly everyone cleared out soon after leaving just niebla roja, cavernario & okumura. okumura got eliminated last so niebla/corleone & cavernario/niebla are the last match up.

titan & triton vs. ephesto & mephisto

triton wasn’t selling his legs, so i guess he was just selling. the tecnicos looked really great starting out and did their stereo springboard moonsaults to the outside, which i love. that was the high point as the rudos pretty much then ran them over and advanced. 2

blue panther & blue panther jr vs.  diamante azul & stuka jr.

seeing diamante repeatedly back breaker blue panther felt like watch ageism in action. and was super mean. i did not care for it. but this was tecnico vs tecnico so someone had to be rudo-ish. this was in general ok. stuka and blue panther got eliminated leading diamante and jr, which diamante quickly put him away. 1.75

terrible & rey bucanero vs. okumura & sam adonis

i’m going to start a stop watch to see how long until terrible turns on bucanero. this will be fun. starting at the whistle. terrible tossed out the flags which was pretty great and adonis and okamura are really hateable rudos, something you don’t see enough nowadays. bucanero eliminated okumura with a twisting senton bomb onto terrible’s knees, and terrible followed it up with a splash on adonis. so the turn didn’t happen yet. i’ll restart the timer the next match. 2.25

niebla roja & marco corleone vs. cavernario & mr. niebla

somehow i’ve avoided watching a mr. niebla match all year. well this ended that. this was a match for screaming for people in the ring and niebla. marco won air corleone as niebla roja sat him. this happened? 1.75

ephesto & mephisto vs. diamante azul & stuka jr. 

i’m just tired of these single fall tournaments at this point. we see like one okay thing each match and the rest is just rushed and there and not extremely good. diamante azul & stuka jr. advanced. whatever

terrible & rey bucanero vs. niebla roja & marco corleone

starting my timer again. marco wiped out niebla with the air corleone to so bucanero could pin him, then terrible got on top of marco. this was less than 3 minutes so i’m not bothering.

diamante azul & stuka jr. vs. terrible & rey bucanero

terrible left the ring area and diamante tried to capitalize but tirantes refused to count the pin until terrible remembered he had another match. terrible rules. terrible took out diamante azul with an armbar. i might have to redo my timer for next week. but then he accidentally kicked bucanero and got rolled up by stuka. i’m not counting that because that wasn’t intentional. stuka did two splashes and then bucanero got his feet up on the third and quickly rolled him up so terrible & rey bucanero will face valiente and volador jr. next week. 2.5, this was actually fun.

angel de oro, atlantis & volador jr. vs. el cuatrero, ultimo guerrero & negro casa

naturally cuatrero bum rushed angel de oro before the first whistle and they started brawling again like last week. getting back to the ring, the rudos easily kept angel away from his corner as cuatrero started this week’s “how much can i tear away angel’s mask and not get disqualified?” well he went for the full course and completely unmasked him.

he wouldn’t allow angel to find another match and kept on attacking him up the ramp, which ruled. angel went backstage, basically making this 3 on 2, so the rudos decided to go after atlantis. i feel like atlantis looked a lot better this week. maybe they know he’s limited, so they’re making it easier on him. cuatrero tried to stop angel de oro coming down the ramp, but angel attacked him and did a stage dive two weeks in a row. angel got cuatrero alone in the ring and started getting after his mask. everyone cleared the ring and that left those two again, and angel de oro decided to unmask himself as the referee was distracted and threw the mask at cuatrero to get another dq. 3

i really can’t recommend anything on this show. i didn’t hate this as much as aaa rey de reyes, but it felt like this was buying time for next week’s bigger show. if you want to check anything out from this, watch the main event. cmll has done a great job building up the apuestas match, and i’m really excited to see how it’s going to pay off.